Drαkє Dev Team Logo X-Drake! Yeah, that's it's name. Why? Well, here at DragonFire, our main development team (You know, the pros) are called the Drαkє DevOps team. Thanks to their main manager, David "Azael DragonFang", Julián "Zadock" and Alberth "Argus" X-Drake could be forged to unify, beautify and make all the code made by the division essentially perfect and delightful to a programmer's eyes.

The "X" in X-Drake stands for Cross - A statement that should let you know that X-Drake not only works for a certain language or context: X-Drake was designed with multiple aplicability in mind, from simple, non object-oriented languages like python, passing through the known Java, until the document processing system LaTeX - We've got you covered.

That's all we have to tell you about this - Let's dive into it! Just select the language you want to know about in the left Navigation bar, and let's enjoy the trip.